Campus Logistics Operations

Transport Services is now Campus Logistics Operations!

Campus Logistics Operations's mission is to take care of the transport of goods and furnishings on the WWU campus and among its satellite offices.


We also facilitate the moving of offices and labs from and within different buildings.

We strive to provide services that are timely and carried out with care, efficiency, pride and with the least amount of inconvenience to you.

To help facilitate an easy transition, there are some steps you can take to prepare for your move

Moving Checklist

2 Weeks Prior to Moving

  • Establish a Move Coordinator to coordinate with the departments involved (e.g. Telecommunications, Facilities, ATUS, and Campus Logistics)
  • Request packing materials from Campus Logistics Operations (360-650-3546) – boxes, tape, etc.
    • Please note, you can request additional packing items throughout the moving process
    • Link: Moving Labels Template 
  • Pack all books, files & folders, etc. which won’t be required prior to moving
  • Completely empty lateral filing cabinets
    • Letter & legal size filing cabinets must have top 2 drawers empty
  • Color tag all boxes and furniture with names and new room numbers
    • Color coding different colors for each new location makes moving easier
  • Create a scaled drawing layout of your new office with desk positions, filing cabinet locations/etc.
    • This assists us in setting up your new office with minimal re-arranging once all furnishings have been transported
  • Sequentially number all furniture which comes in multiple pieces/parts (i.e. desks)
  • Advise Facilities Management (360-650-3420) of any fixtures, furniture, pictures, etc. which will require disassembly on the day before moving.

1 Week Prior to Moving

  • Pack all personal and desktop items and empty any desk/etc. drawers of unnecessary items
  • Pack up all common facilities as well if necessary (break rooms, meeting rooms, etc.)

1 Day Prior to Moving

  • Pack all personal and fragile items, plants, etc. and transport them to your new location
  • Ensure Facilities Management has disassembled all fixtures and furniture for transport

Day of Move

  • Tape a copy of your scaled drawing layout to the door or entrance wall of the new location
  • Unpack your boxes as they arrive at your new location
  • Flatten all empty boxes and set to the side for Campus Logistics Operations to pick up at a later date/time, after you are fully moved in

Moving Checklist Links

Below are important downloads and links related to the moving checklist.

If you have any questions, you can reach us directly at 360-650-3546.

Important Final Notes

Campus Logistics personnel will do weekly follow-ups to monitor progress and to provide help and suggestions as needed.

Campus Logistics personnel will also be happy to assist in moving furniture around in the new offices after the whole move has been completed. We will contact you after the move is completed.

We look forward to working with you and making your transition as smooth and stress free as possible.