Surplus Property FAQs

What do I need to do to get rid of old or broken furniture or equipment?

To recycle or dispose of unneeded surplus university property, you need to either complete an Surplus Equipment Pickup Request form or call Equipment Inventory at 360-650-3566.

When completing your form please include:

  • The Department, and the name, phone number and location of a contact person.
  • The physical location of the item(s) including the building names and room number.
  • The inventory tag number(s) – or write “None," if it is not tagged.
  • A good description of the item(s).
  • Specify the condition of the item(s) Make any other important notations such as special directions for hours of availability or suspected hazardous conditions or materials.

Who has to approve the Surplus Property Pickup Request form and where do I send it?

To dispose of an asset, the department’s Budget Authority must approve of the disposal of assets by completing the Surplus Equipment Pickup Request form.

Can we donate surplus to other schools or non-profit organizations?

The general guideline is that state property may be sold at “fair market value” to schools or non-profit organizations. Contact Equipment Inventory before donating any university assets or goods to another organization. They will guide you through the process of qualifying the organization and other paperwork required by our policy and state law. Special note; the state has mandated that all donations of university’s surplus computers and related equipment be donated through the “Computers for Kids – Washington” program. To ensure equity, there are to be NO direct donations of surplus computers or computer-related equipment by state universities to school districts outside of this process.

How do I transfer ownership from my department to another department on campus?

A memo specifying the item WWU Tag number, a brief description, the gaining department name and ORGN code, and new building & room location. Send memo to Equipment Inventory, MS-9116.

If you have any questions:
Call: 360-650-3566 or email us at