COVID Purchases for Campus - Supplies & PPE

Supplies for Returning to Campus – Related to COVID-19

As you plan and finalize your Return to Campus Plans, you will also need to think about safety measures for staff, students, and on-campus visitors. Below you will find information relating to the purchase of COVID Supplies and PPE for your department:

Marketplace COVID-19 Safety & Cleaning Supplies

Since March, most safety and cleaning products have been delayed or are unavailable through regular Vendors. Procurement is continuously working hard to secure a supply of essential products using a centralized approach to ensure security of supply and control of price.

Below you will find information on using the COVID Catalog:

Marketplace COVID Catalog Screenshot

What is different about this new Catalog? 

  • It has products from multiple vendors dependent of best price and availability, product selection/brand may change as supply availability does. 
  • Products will be managed centrally and distributed through Central Services with collaboration and product education from FM Custodial.
  • When ordering the products, a PO will be generated that emails to Central Services for fulfillment.

NOTE: THESE PRODUCTS ARE FOR CAMPUS ONLY. You are NOT allowed to ship these products to your home.

ShippingItems will be delivered to your department from Central Services/Campus Logistics Operations. Please Note if you have special delivery instructions please email Central Services at

Please see the information below for a step-by-step on how to order using the COVID-19 Safety & Cleaning Supplies Catalog.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions or product needs that you do not currently see in Marketplace and we will work to source these for you.

Recommended Products

Below you will find links to recommended products pages, which can help guide you in the purchase of certain items for your return to campus. This list has been curated with input from multiple departments to meet state requirements.

Keyboard and Mouse Options
Sneeze Guards

Air Purifiers

There have been a few questions regarding Air Purifiers for campus rooms. Environmental Health & Safety has put together some excellent information that you should review prior to making any air purifier purchases.

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to us directly by email with your room information, concerns, and what your budget is, so we can help you find the best item to meet your needs. 


Once you have your items in your cart, go ahead and check out as normal. On the first area you encounter, the General Details, you will need to make 1 change: Order Type. Click on the dropdown and change it to: “COVID-19 Supplies”:

Image removed.

Then you can continue on with your order as usual.

PLEASE NOTE: You CANNOT ship COVID Supplies to your home – this is for campus deliveries only for your area or department as we re-open campus. 

Important Notes:
You will receive an error message that you will need to correct for the following things:

  • Attempting to ship to a home address
  • Forgetting to change the Order Type

To read the error message, click on “Alerts” on the right-side of the screen and it will tell you what caused the error.

For each of these, you can simply go back and adjust the order, then click “continue” (a blue ‘saved’ box will appear), and resubmit your order.

Shipping – Items will be delivered from Central Services/Campus Logistics Operations to your department. Please Note if you have special delivery instructions please email Central Services at

Please keep your spray bottles from order the Disinfectant or Cleaners from the Marketplace. 

You can order refills of disinfectant or cleaner through FM's ReADY System here.

Additional FAQ’s and Information

We have worked with ESM to provide the opportunity for Western Employees to temporarily ship items required for work to their home. If you wish to opt-in to this, please email us your home address details to:

The first step for the employee is to report their concerns about their work space to their supervisor so the two can discuss those concerns. The supervisor can then recommend the employee contact Bruce Boyer in Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) for a virtual assessment to determine if the environment is appropriate. If it is not, then EHS will see if any modifications are possible. Needed modifications will be recommended to the supervisor.

You can read the full details on the COVID update site here:

To comply with new CDC recommendations, all incoming orders are quarantined and disinfected for 24 hours before being released. When Campus Logistics Operations receives your order they will quarantine, disinfect, and in 24 hours will send you a notification when you can safely come pick up your order.

To Order a cleaning Service please complete a service request at

Shipping/Delivery will be handled by Central Services/Campus Logistics Operations.

Please Note if you have special delivery instructions please email Central Services at