Travel Advances

Travel Advances in Concur

Western employee travel processing has moved from TEM to Concur as of June 30, 2020. Please see the Travel Updates page for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: If you need a cash advance contact Travel Services before submitting your Travel Authorization Request.

Only employees are eligible for advances. The amount is based on the estimated reimbursable per diem expenses.

  • Travel Advances are strictly regulated by IRS, State, and university policies. Travel Services endeavors to prevent any violation of these policies which may result in repayment of expenses and/or unnecessary taxes.
  • Advances may be requested for up to 80% of expected out of pocket per diem meals and lodging for individual travelers.
  • Requests must be made at least 10 days before the trip start date.
  • Advances are paid out 7-10 days before the trip by direct deposit or mailed check based on your reimbursement settings. Direct Deposit is set up under Web4U with the “AP” check box. See directions for adding direct deposit option for Accounts Payable.

All travelers must reconcile their advance by the 10th of the month following their trip. Travelers may request an extension by emailing Travel Services and cc’ing their supervisor with the reason for the delay and their action plan to complete the reconciliation by the 25th.

Types of Travel Cash Advances


Individual Travel. Traveler is not responsible for anyone else’s expenses.

You may request up to 80% of per diem meals and lodging.


The trip leader is responsible for the meal and/or lodging expenses of other travelers. You may request up to 100% of per diem meals and lodging.

See the Per Diem Page for more information.


For use by Athletics team travel only. You may request up to 100% of per diem meals and lodging.


For use with Chart 2 Funds only. May request up to 80% of per diem for individuals and 100% for group travel.

Repaying Your Travel Advance

Travelers who need to repay an unused advance may pay for free via electronic check or by credit card online with a bank fee at WWU Travel Advance CashNet.

Please contact us if you have questions regarding your advance before making your payment.