Estimates & Submitting Print Requests

Placing Non-Departmental Orders

You can place a “personal” order for printing and pick it up at the Haggard Hall Print & Copy Center. State regulations prevent the Copy Center from printing items for an outside commercial business. If your work is of a personal nature and not business related, we can print for you.

How to Request an Order by Email

  • Email with your name, phone number, and W#
  • Attach any required files to your email
  • Tell us what you want us to do, i.e. the size, quantity and type of paper you want to use for printing
  • Let us know when you would like to pick it up

We will e-mail you when the job is complete OR we will e-mail to let you know if the job cannot be completed in the time frame requested. We will let you know when the job can be reasonably done and wait for your reply before proceeding.

Ordering more than 10 color copies?

For color copy orders we will print one copy and then notify you that a “proof” is ready for you to come look at and approve. We will not print additional copies without your written approval.

To bypass this step you must say in your e-mail; “I decline to see a proof”.

Order in Person

You can also come into the Print & Copy Center in Haggard Hall and place an order in person.

Submitting Your Files

File Formatting

The Print & Copy Center has the capability to print from most file types, but many "original" files change when they are opened and printed from a different computer and sent to a printer other than the one selected when the file was created. Here are some tips to assure that your files print the way they look on your computer screen:

  • Convert your files to PDF format, using the Press Quality settings in Acrobat, and review it before sending it to us. This is especially important with WORD and PUBLISHER documents.
  • All photos that are to be enlarged and printed on the large format printer need to be of a very high resolution; otherwise the picture will become pixilated when enlarged.
  • All files should be set up at the final print size. Enlarging small documents to large format is problematic from a layout and quality aspect.

Submitting Files

Most PDF documents can be attached to the Print & Copy Services e-sign form.

However, some files are too large (any file over 4 MB) and will not attach. If this is the case you can upload your file onto our SharePoint transfer site. Please include the esign form number at the beginning of your file name when possible. 

Please indicate where the file was placed on your Print & Copy Services Request eSign Form.