Before You Travel


Before an employee travels for the first time, they must agree to the terms of travel and set up approval routing for the system by completing a Traveler Profile Form.

Travelers may complete Sections I and II and send it to an administrator for the remaining sections. Profile forms should route through the employee’s supervisor before being submitted to Travel Services.

University business travel is regulated by federal and state requirements and must meet specific standards to be claimed as non-taxable reimbursements.

  • Travel for employees is processed via Concur.
  • If you have recently moved to a new department or need to update your supervisory approver please complete a Traveler Update Form.
  • Employees must be authorized to travel before making financial commitments. Please review the Travel Authorization page.

Please contact or call 360-650-3341 with questions or concerns.

Travel Definitions

Traveler – A person in travel status who is on official university business. May include Western employees, students or student employees, registered volunteers, contractors, speakers, interview candidates and other non-employees.

Official University Business - Activities performed in order to accomplish university programs or as required by the duties of the position.

Delegate – May help enter data on behalf of others. The traveler remains responsible for the content, accuracy and timely submission of all documents.

Travel Authorization/Request – Official travel pre-authorization. Employee authorizations are processed via Concur Request; students and non-employees are authorized via e-sign form.

TR/Expense Report – Reconciliation of expenses after the trip, including any travel reimbursement. 

Supervisory Approver - Approves the business purpose of travel and time away from regular work duties. Supervisors are assigned per traveler.

Budget Approver - Assigned per funding. Approves actual expenditures.