Campus Mail

Mail Services handles the collection and delivery of all official University correspondence. Mail Services collects, sorts and delivers campus mail once a day Monday – Friday.

Campus mail will be collected from your department between the hours of 10am and 12pm (noon) and will be delivered to its destination the following business day. 

If you would like intercampus mail delivered the following morning, drop it off at one of the following campus locations by 2pm:

  • College Hall (High St Door, turn right)
  • Miller Hall, Room 160A
  • Old Main, 2nd Floor
  • Parks Hall, 2nd Floor Lobby
  • Arntzen Hall, 3rd Floor Sky Bridge
  • 333 32nd St, Lobby

Addressing Campus Mail

We encourage all departments to use the Western Interdepartmental Delivery Envelopes for all your campus mail needs. They ask for the information that Mail Services requires to accurately and promptly deliver your mail.

Include the recipient’s name and mail stop number. Be sure to cross out the previous address on the campus mailers to avoid confusion.

Mail stop numbers are listed in the current WWU Directory.

Example of addressing campus mail envelope

Examples of correct addressing of Campus Mail

Faculty/Staff Mail: Vickie Viking MS 9044

Student Resident: Walter Western 702 Mathes Hall

Campus Mail Collection

All mail (campus, USPS, etc.) must be placed in your blue bag for collection. If all your mail will not fit within the bag, place on top for pickup.

blue postal bag within a mail carrier box

Helpful Information

Empty Interdepartmental Delivery Envelopes may be requested by email or phone.

Please do not keep large amounts of empties in your department. They need to be available for re-circulation. Return empties to the Mail Services by bundling them and sending to MS5996.

If you have any large packages, please call 360-650-3770