Contractor/Performer/Speaker Travel

Contractor/Speaker/Performer Travel - Concur

Western is in the process of transitioning from TEM to Concur for Employee Travel and Expense Management. Please see our Concur Updates page for more information.

For Contractors

  • Please review the Policies for Services and Honorariums for speakers and performers to determine if a contract is required. Please email our Contract Administrators if you are not sure if you’ll need a contract.
  • If you obtain a contract, include that you will cover estimated travel expenses, and you will not need to complete a separate authorization form. You will reference the Contract Number on any subsequent payment forms (i.e. Purchase Requisition or Services/Reimbursement Form).
    • Purchase Requisitions are used to pay companies or vendors, Reimbursement Forms pay individuals and require a signature.
  • If you need to purchase airfare and you have a contract approved, please use your Department Travel Card or One Card and reference the contract number when reconciling the transaction. Alternatively, we can reimburse the guest after their trip.
  • If you need to pay for their hotel stay or rental car, use one of the following:
    • Department Travel Card or One Card;
    • Purchase Form referencing the Contract Number and Fast Index; 
    • Be sure to include the traveler’s name.
  • If you need to reimburse a contractor, please use a Services Reimbursement eSign form.

If no contract is required (i.e. we are paying travel expenses but not a fee to the contract/performer/speaker), please see the Guest Traveler Page.