The Copier Support Program provides multi-functional devices, of various sizes and functionality, to meet the instructional and administrative needs of WWU. Digital multi-functional devices (MFD) combine copy, print, and scanning functions into a single device.

Copier Support will monitor each device’s performance and provide all necessary accounting and record keeping activities. Copier Support will also coordinate service calls and provide preventive maintenance for all devices. All supplies are included with each device - toner, staples, etc.

Copier Support Hours & Contact Details

Copier Support Hours:
Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm

To request service, supplies or support:
Phone: 360-650-7969

Copier Support will provide the following:

  • Efficient, cost effective device options
  • Device placement and installation
  • Coordination of service calls and preventative maintenance on all devices
  • Basic training (Additional training can be requested at any time)
  • Technical and administrative support
  • Parts, supplies, and toner are provided - Used toner and waste toner cartridges are recycled;
    Copier Support has a special bin for recycling, please return all empty cartridges back to Copier Support.
  • Accounting and record keeping

Why a Copier Support Program?

  • Saves your department time, money and resources.
  • No initial financial responsibility. Your department pays on a monthly basis.
  • No vendor contracts to negotiate. Your department will have a multi-year agreement with Copier Support which allows for more flexibility.
  • A direct contact for supplies, maintenance, and billing.
  • Detailed monthly statements listing the device’s location and user activity. 
  • Basic training on devices after installation. Additional training can be requested at any time.

How to order a Copier/Scanner/Printer for your Department

Copier Support will work directly with you to find the best device for your specific work environment. 

We will assess the location of the device to make sure there is sufficient room and that it is accessible to the majority of users.

Departments are responsible for all necessary electrical and network connections. Most Ricohs require a dedicated outlet to provide sufficient power.

To set up a consultation:

Phone: 360-650-7969


These devices are for departmental use only and should not be ordered for personal use.

Installation & Maintenance

Copier Support will coordinate the delivery and installation of your device as well as provide support and assistance with all maintenance and service requests.


Need to Request a Service of Your Copier?

To request service or print driver installation: 

Phone: 360-650-7969

  • Be sure to have the device location available when you call. 
  • The average service response time from a professional technician can be up to 4 hours.
  • The average print driver installation time will be 1-3 days.
  • Service will be completed during regular business hours, 8:30 am –  5:00 pm.

Need to Order Supplies for Your Copier?

To order toner, paper or other supplies:

Phone: 360-650-7969

  • Be sure to have the device location available when you call.