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New Contract Status coming to the CMM

Coming soon there will be a new status showing in the CMM: Approved with Advisory Notes

This new status will help communicate when there have been requested changes to the contract, including but not limited to:

(i) negotiating requests for revisions to contract terms, (ii) advising department on contract compliance/abiding by contract requirements & and areas of potential risk that we won't necessarily be able to mitigate by revisions, or (iii) requesting additional subject matter expert(s) compliance review.

Approved with Advisory Notes indicates that the Contracts team may need to work with the vendor to amend, clarify, or make additional changes to the contract prior to signing.

What this means for you

The Contract Submitter will be receiving an email at the end of the contract review cycle, letting them know if their contract is in this new status. No action is required by you, however, there is a link which allows you to quickly view the contract record in the CMM System to see what the proposed changes and recommendations are.

Contract Guides, Resources, and Links

Port of Bellingham Rentals

Western has a facilities rental agreement with the Port of Bellingham Facilities. Below you will find links and information pertaining to the Port of Bellingham:

General Procurement Forms

If you require a Tax Exemption for your purchase, please fill out the Tax Exempt Form and send it in with your payment paperwork.

Upcoming CMM Training

Submitting Contracts Online in CMM

Upcoming Training Dates:

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  • Thurs. Jan. 20th - 9:00am - 10:30am

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Approving Contracts Online in CMM

Upcoming Training Dates:

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