Interviewee Travel


When planning to bring a candidate to Western for a job interview, please complete a Travel Authorization for Non-Employees Web Form.

An approved TA is needed before making travel arrangements for interview candidates.

Approval for Payment of Expenses

When using Chart 1 funds, a hiring authority may authorize payment of travel expenses of a qualified prospective employee when interviewing applicants being considered for:

  1. Academic positions above the rank of instructor, or
  2. Professional, or
  3. Administrative employees in supervisory positions.

Exception: Travel expenses may be paid for when recruiting for positions that do not meet the above criteria but are considered essential to carrying out the critical work of an agency.

To receive an approved exception, please contact HR.

Allowable Expenditures

Allowable travel expenses using Chart 1 funds are limited to necessary expenses incurred by the interviewee traveling to and from an interview.

Payment of travel expenses must not exceed per diem rates established for state employees and may only include the interview candidate's:

  • Transportation expenses such as airfare, rental car and gas, and mileage
  • Meals 
  • Hotel 
  • Other necessary miscellaneous travel costs (i.e. baggage fees)

Financial Managers are not allowed to pay for anyone accompanying the interviewee using Chart 1 funds.

If taking the interviewee out for a meal with other University faculty or staff, the Food and Beverage Approval form must be completed prior to the meal. Limited to four people per meal including the candidate. VP approval required for more than four people.

Payment of Expenditures

Arrange interviewee travel via Concur Travel Booking Tool or directly with Collegiate Travel Planners (CTP): 


Pay for the interviewee's travel expenses directly using a University Payment Card (recommended) or by reimbursing the interview candidate after the trip. Lodging costs are limited to Whatcom County per diem rates: 2022 room rate of $98/night plus taxes.

Document the pre-approval in Payment.Net or for reimbursement by attaching the approved TA for Non-Employees. 

If you need to ask a candidate for their birthday to make travel arrangements, someone who is not a decision-making member of the search committee must be the one to ask and keep the information confidential.

Moving Assistance for Selected Candidate

Travel expenses related to relocation of new hires, including house-hunting allowances, are to comply with the Providing Relocation Compensation Policy

Authorized relocation and house hunting expenses may only be offered in the form of a lump sum payment issued through payroll. Reimbursing moving expenses is prohibited.

All questions should be directed to the department’s Human Resource Consultant.


Reimbursements to interview candidates must be made in accordance to related University policy, standards, and procedures. Please complete a Services/Reimbursement Form and include:

  • Pre-approved TA form (please attach)
  • Description of expenses, including complete travel itinerary
  • Required receipt documentation (required for airfare, hotel, and rental car)