Interviewee Travel

All university travel is currently restricted. Please see COVID-19 FAQ: Travel updated Spring 2021

If you are bringing a candidate to Western for a job interview, you are required to have an approved Request to Interview (either in PageUp or via the Travel Authorization for non-employees eSign Form).

Approval for Payment of Expenses

When using Chart 1 funds, a hiring authority may authorize payment of travel expenses of a qualified prospective employee when interviewing applicants being considered for an:

  1. Academic position above the rank of instructor,
  2. Professional staff position that has a supervisory role, or a
  3. Classified position that has a supervisory role.

Exception: Travel expenses may be paid for when recruiting for positions that do not meet the above criteria but are considered essential to carrying out the critical work of an agency.

To receive an approved exception, please contact HR.

Allowable Expenditures

Allowable travel expenses, using Chart 1 funds are limited to necessary expenses incurred by an interviewee in traveling to and from an interview. Payment of travel expenses must not exceed per diem rates established for state employees and only includes payment for:

  • Transportation expenses
  • Meals
  • Hotel
  • Other necessary miscellaneous travel costs (i.e. baggage fees)

Financial Managers are not allowed to pay for anyone accompanying the interviewee using Chart 1 funds. If taking the interviewees out for a meal with other University faculty or staff, the Food and Beverage Approval form must be completed prior to the meal. Only one form needs to be completed for a specific recruitment, not each interviewee.

Payment of Expenditures

Departments may pay for the travel related expenses directly using a University credit card or a purchase requisition form, or having the candidate use their personal funds and reimbursing them. Document the pre-approval in Payment.Net, Purchase Form, or Reimbursement Form by attaching the PageUp email “Request to Interview Approved” (see this example). For paper forms, please print the email and attach it to the paper form before forwarding to Procurement.

If you are interviewing a candidate eligible for travel expenses, but do not have the PageUp email, please complete a Travel Authorization eSign form and attach it to all payment forms.

If you need to ask a candidate for their birthday to make travel arrangements, someone who is not a decision-making member of the search committee must be the one to ask and must keep the information confidential.


Reimbursements to non-employees will be made in accordance to related University policy, standards, and procedures. At a minimum, the purchases made by the non-employee must be:

  • Pre-approved,
  • Documented by itemized receipts, and
  • Necessary for the purpose of the travel and related to University business.

Moving Assistance for Selected Candidate

Western employees, visit the Moving Assistance intranet site for information on providing moving assistance to include in an offer of employment. Travel-related expenses related to searching for housing are considered Moving Assistance.