Air Travel

University Travel & COVID-19

Western follows current CDC Travel Guidelines.

Arranging Airfare

Travelers must have an approved Travel Authorization/Request before making any arrangements.

It's recommended that airfare be booked via the Concur Travel Tab, supported by Collegiate Travel Planners (CTP). Booking with CTP ensures access to discounted contracted rates, electronic itineraries, links rewards programs and leverages agent support for any trip changes or complications.

Collegiate Travel Planners (CTP)

Contact & Pricing Information / 888-315-2643 / 402-243-1830 

Pricing Information
Concur Online Booking Tool: Car/Hotel/Air Domestic & International Reservations $5
Full Service Travel Agent Assisted Reservations: Car/Rail/Hotel $10
Full Service Travel Agent Assisted Reservations: Domestic Air


Full Service Travel Agent Assisted Reservations: International Air $27
Full Service Travel Agent Assisted Reservations, After Hours $16 - $40
Group Travel, Full Service Travel Agent Assisted Reservations $20 - $23 per transaction

Direct Travel

Contact & Pricing Information

Jeanne Kick
425-275-4214 / 888-633-5344

Pricing Information
Domestic Tickets


International Tickets $40


Airfare may also be booked directly through an airline or third party booking sites.

Preferred Purchase Method

OneCard/Department Card

Must have approved Travel Authorization/Request before booking.

  • Contact your department administrator for card availability
  • Recommended booking via Concur Travel tab
  • No reimbursement necessary when using OneCard/PCard

Airfare with personal credit card

Must have approved travel authorization/Request before booking

  • Recommended booking via Concur Travel tab
  • Cannot be reimbursed until after trip

Mixing Business and Personal Travel

See the Travel Authorization page for information and requirements for mixing business and personal travel.

Fly America Act

The Fly America Act mandates the use of U.S. certificated air carriers for federally funded international travel.

Learn More on the GSA site or contact GSA Directly.

Fly American Act chart

WWU Employees can get a 20% Discount Parking near SeaTac for Business Travel

For exclusive Western Washington University benefits and discounts: make a reservation at WallyPark SeaTac Parking Portal to redeem your discounted rate after signing up, or give the cashier your Western ID at the time of payment and tell them you have a corporate discount.
You will be given a WallyClub card upon checkout which must be registered online.
After you register your card, go to the corporate info section on the left and select your company name from the account drop down. This ties the WWU discount to your card.