Contract Routing & Information

New Contract Status coming to the CMM

Coming soon there will be a new status showing in the CMM: Approved with Advisory Notes

This new status will help communicate when there have been requested changes to the contract, including but not limited to:

(i) negotiating requests for revisions to contract terms, (ii) advising department on contract compliance/abiding by contract requirements & and areas of potential risk that we won't necessarily be able to mitigate by revisions, or (iii) requesting additional subject matter expert(s) compliance review and/or documentation (e.g. COI, HECVAT, VPAT).

Approved with Advisory Notes indicates that the Contracts team may need to work with the vendor to amend, clarify, or make additional changes to the contract prior to signing.

What this means for you

The Contract Submitter will be receiving an email at the end of the contract review cycle, letting them know if their contract is in this new status. No action is required by you, however, there is a link which allows you to quickly view the contract record in the CMM System to see what the proposed changes and recommendations are.

The contract routing process can be quick and simple, in the case of a speaker engagement, and agreements on pre-approved templates, or may require more time and review by the Director of Risk Compliance and Policy Services and Assistant Attorney General. This will depend entirely on the type of contract, however there is a general process flow that all contracts follow.

Submitting & Following Your Contract in CMM

Once you have all the available information, log into the CMM and click on “Submit a Contract”. Enter in all the details and save as draft until you are ready to submit to the Contract Administration Team for review. Once you are satisfied with the contract details, click “Submit for Review”.

Screenshot of the CMM Submit a Contract areas

Once it has been submitted, you will be able to follow the approval process in the “My Contracts” area: 

Screenshot of CMM My Contracts area
The Contract Routing Process Explained
A full breakdown of the Contract Routing Process:
  • Contract is submitted through CMM to the Contract Admin Team for review
  • Contract Admins review, clarify, and gather additional information from the department or contractor and/or perform research (if necessary)
  • Contract Admins create Contract documents, review, then submit the contract documents into the Approval Process
  • Approval Process takes place and can include some or all of the following:
    • Departmental approval (up to 3 individuals)
    • Accessibility (specifically with software)
    • Risk Management
    • Assistant Attorney General
    • Some types of agreements (e.g. software, articulation agreements) require a longer, multi-departmental approval workflow
  • Once approved by all required reviewers, edits or amendments may be made to the document(s)
    • This can include text changes, removal of clauses, etc.
  • Negotiating contract changes with the contractor/vendor may be required at this point
  • After amendments and updates have been made, and both Western and the contractor/vendor have agreed to the terms, the Contract Admin Team moves the contract on for signature of both the contracting party and the University Authorized Signer
  • Upon signature by both parties, the contract is finalized and ready for commencement on the date agreed upon and for the agreed upon timeframe
  • This gets logged into the CMM and all parties are notified via the system that the contract is signed