The Mail Services Department provides mail metering to the University to take advantage of the bulk mail pricing offered by USPS. Metered mail simply refers to mail sent out in large quantities, for which an organization (the University) uses a postage meter to print a stamp instead of using traditional stamps for each piece of mail.

Metering US Mail

Last collection boxes are emptied Monday - Friday for small amounts of mail. If you would like your mail sent out the following morning, drop it off at one of the following campus locations by 2pm:

  • College Hall (High St Door, turn right)
  • Miller Hall, Room 160A
  • Old Main, 2nd Floor
  • Parks Hall, 2nd Floor Lobby
  • Arntzen Hall, 3rd Floor Sky Bridge
  • 333 32nd St, Lobby

Last mail pickup of the day happens at 3:30pm from Mail Services

Preparing Mail for Metering

To prepare your mail for metering, follow these steps:

  • Each mail piece must have a return address and mailstop
  • Mail does not need to be sealed
    • *Pieces exceeding ¾” in thickness cannot be sealed automatically on the metering equipment; they should be sealed prior to giving them to Mail Services
  • Self-Mailers or booklets to international addresses should be placed in a sealed envelope with the country name in capital letters as the bottom line of the address
  • Place mail in blue bag for pickup
    • Place all mail facing in same direction
    • If you have too many pieces of mail to fit in the bag, phone Mail Services at 360-650-3770 to advise
    • You can request postal containers the day before mailing if you are preparing a large mailing by phoning Mail Services at 360-650-3770: use Trays for letters and Buckets for larger types

Need same-day pickup?

Call Mail Services at x3770 before Noon to schedule.