Student Travel

University Travel & COVID-19

Western follows current CDC Travel Guidelines.

Authorizing Student Travel

First step: review STN-U5348.10B Managing Student Travel Standards

  • Please complete a Travel Authorization Form for Students before making travel arrangements and purchases. Please be sure to clearly describe the travel's benefit to the university on all student travel authorization forms. For common examples please see WWU vs Student as Primary Beneficiary.
  • If the student is an employee traveling for their job, they are authorized and reimbursed via Concur instead. Refer to the Travel Authorization page for more information.
  • Optional: if a student is traveling with a university employee, include the student's name and expenses on the employee’s Concur group TA Request. This will serve as the student's travel authorization and the separate webform TA my not be necessary. Colleges and departments may have more restrictive policies.

Special Considerations for Student Travel

See Risk Management: Special Risks for:

  • Field Trip Risks and Considerations 
  • Field Trip Insurance Registration

See also: Transportation including:

For students traveling abroad, see WWU's policy on Traveling Outside the US

Paying for Student Travel

  • Arrange flights and hotel via the Concur Travel Booking Tool
  • Pay for the student's travel expenses directly using a University Payment Card (recommended) or by reimbursing the student after the trip via the Payment to Student form. Select Reimbursement, then Travel and follow instructions in Section 1 on the form.