Travel Receipts & Expense Types

Travel Receipts & Expense Types - Concur

Western is in the process of transitioning from TEM to Concur for Employee Travel and Expense Management. Please see our Concur Updates page for more information.

Know Your Transporation Expense Types!

  • Gas: Use for refueling rental vehicles. Requires a receipt.
  • Mileage: Use when driving a personal vehicle. Please note in the system that Units = Miles.
  • Ground Transportation: Buses, trains, rental cars require receipts. Taxis & shuttles do not require a receipt.
  • Airfare: Flight costs, including change fees. Requires receipt and itinerary.
  • Miscellaneous: Ferries, boat transportation, bike taxis (plus other non-transportation related miscellaneous expenses.) Requires receipts if over $50.

Almost all reimbursable expenses require a receipt. All receipts must show details of the item or service being paid for, date, and proof of payment.

Download the Travel Account Code List

Which Receipts do I keep?

Original receipts are required for reimbursement of:
  • meals claimed as "actual" amounts (requires itemization and proof of payment)
  • lodging itemized, showing $0 balance
  • rental cars showing paid, (For Enterprise Receipt please obtain an updated receipt here)
  • fuel for rental or university vehicles
  • miscellaneous expenses over $50
  • airfare (full itinerary and payment must be showing on document. Boarding passes are not required.) May be reimbursed prior to travel if paid on a Corporate Travel Card only
  • registration fees (May be reimbursed prior to travel)
Receipts are not required for reimbursement of:
  • privately owned vehicle mileage
  • per diem meals
  • taxis
  • ferry fares
  • miscellaneous items under $50

If an original receipt is lost, please complete an Affidavit of Lost Receipt.