Travel Receipts & Expense Types

Know Your Transportation Expense Types

  • Gas: Use for refueling rental and university vehicles. Receipts required.
  • Mileage: Use when driving a personal vehicle. Include starting and destination locations and number of miles driven. 2021 rate: $0.56/mile
  • Ground Transportation: Final car rental receipt required (not reservation); train receipts required
  • Airfare: Full updated itinerary and itemized flight fees showing method of payment required
  • Miscellaneous: Parking, ferry and baggage fees require receipts if over $50

Most expenses require a receipt. All receipts must show details of the item or service being paid for, date, and proof of payment.

Which Receipts do I keep?

Original receipts are required for reimbursement of:
  • meals claimed as "actual" amounts (requires itemization and proof of payment)
  • lodging itemized, showing $0 balance
  • rental cars showing paid, (For Enterprise Receipt please obtain an updated receipt here)
  • fuel for rental or university vehicles
  • miscellaneous expenses over $50
  • airfare (full itinerary and payment must be showing on document. Boarding passes are not required.) 
  • registration fees 
Receipts are not required for reimbursement of:
  • privately owned vehicle mileage
  • per diem meals
  • miscellaneous items (including parking and baggage fees) less than $50

If an original receipt is lost, please complete an Affidavit of Lost Receipt.