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Supplies for Returning to Campus – Related to COVID-19

Over the past few months, many safety and cleaning products have been delayed or are unavailable through regular Vendors. Procurement is working hard to secure the supply of essential products using a centralized approach to ensure security of supply and control of price. 

Learn about all of the options available to you on our COVID Purchases for Campus - Supplies & PPE page here. 

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eSign Forms

Please use this eSign form to pay vendor invoices and for stipend payments: Payment Request for Vendors and Non-Employee

Please use this eSign form to reimburse employees: Reimbursement Request-Employees

If you require a Tax Exemption for your purchase, please fill out the Tax Exempt eSign Form here.

Please reference this Tax Exempt Form # on all Marketplace Order, Purchase Orders, or Payment Forms.

Please use this eSign form to do a new Field, Open or Blanket Order or to renew an Open or Blanket Order: Purchase Order Form New & Renewals

Please continue to use the paper Services/Reimbursement Form for all non-employee and student reimbursements and also for Honorariums.

If you need more paper forms or have questions about payments or reimbursements please contact the Purchasing Department by email or by phone.

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