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Supplies for Returning to Campus- Related to COVID 19

Please note that a survey will be sent to all departments that have customer facing touch points Friday May 15th to determine the need in various products such as partitions, signage and cleaning supplies.

In addition to the survey Procurement and FM are developing a checklist for departments to use for products they may require upon return to campus.

During COVID 19 certain products are delayed or unavailable, Procurement is working hard to secure supply of essential products using a centralized approach to ensure security of supply and control of price.

Please use the attached COVID Supplies order LIst to order itemsWe ask that the items listed on the checklist are not purchased by individual departments. Instead requests should be directed through Procurement with distribution through FM and Central Services.

WWU Marketplace will be going live with the COVID Catalog the week of June 1st. In the interim, please complete the form and email to if you require any supplies urgently.

Thank you

WWU Procurement Team

Ordering and Home Delivery Note

When placing an order in Marketplace please select Central Services address, when placing your marketplace order.  See Screen shot for details: 

Please ensure you insert your name in the Ship to Attn Box.

Once your package is received, Central Services will reach out via email and phone to schedule an appointment window for you to pick up your item from the Commissary Building.
Please note the following:

  • Entry into the commissary building is prohibited at this time
  • Please come at the time you have been given.
  • Please adhere to social distancing of a minimum 6ft
  • Your items will be a placed on a cart outside the main commissary building upon your arrival. You will be asked to retrieve your item from the cart.

To assist with resources at this time if your ordered item is not critical please advise Central Services and they will securely store it for you until normal operations resume, and employees are back on campus. 

If you have an immediate need for an item to facilitate your work at home, please use a P Card /Department P Card and purchase with delivery to your home address. Please note Amazon Business is a good vehicle for this type of spend. If you require access to Amazon Business, please email

PLEASE NOTE: This change in process is a temporary measure as we react with COVID-19. All purchases that have home delivery address must be first sent to prior to being placed so appropriate tracking can take place.

Thank you, 

Your WWU Procurement Team


Resource Sharing Requests

Many requests for assistance in serving and supporting our local communities and the state in this crisis are flowing into offices and departments. The ICS Team here at Western has developed some preliminary procedures for resource sharing with external entities, which I am happy to share with you.

The goal is to create an efficient and streamlined process for responding to requests through the Incident Command structure.

The basic premises which will guide our resource sharing are:

  • Western Washington University will collaborate with local agencies and organizations where possible to support critical services and functions in the community.
  • WWU must abide by all applicable laws, code, and policy when collaborating with local agencies and organizations.
  • WWU must prioritize critical needs within our own organization to ensure life safety and continuity of operations.
  • Requests for resource sharing, including transfer of WWU-owned material, temporary assignment of WWU employees, or temporary use of WWU equipment or facilities will be considered through the Whatcom Unified Command. Unified Command will have the highest priority.
Western employees receiving inquiries or requests from outside entities should direct those requests to

WWU departments which have materials that could be considered for transfer to Whatcom Unified Command should email the type, quantity, and manufacturer of the materials to

Ordering Goods related to COVID-19

As the campus continues to prepare itself for any possible impacts from the Covid-19 virus, departments who may be making purchases directly related to this event (i.e. bacterial gel, hand soap, etc.) should contact Business Services/Procurement prior to completing any transactions.

Procurement will work with Facilities Management to check current stock managed by Facilities for cleaning supplies.

PLEASE NOTE: We are experiencing significant delays and back orders for sanitizers and disinfectant wipes.

When requesting items please include in your email, your Department, what you want to order and what quantity. Please send this request to

Ordering  Cleaning Services Related to COVID-19

To Order a cleaning Service please complete a service request at


If you are looking to purchase a webcam for classrooms, Western recommends the Logitech C920 or C920s.


Process Flow of Depts Ordering COVID-19 Items

photo of a night market on the WWU Campus

What is the Western Marketplace?

The Western Marketplace is Western's online system used to order goods and services. You will be able to place orders through the Western Marketplace and have purchase orders directly sent to vendors.

Quickly and easily shop for your needs, then check out and go!

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Once you've been given the appropriate system access, you'll be able to use the Western Marketplace to make purchases for your office or department.

Is your purchase going to be more than $10,000?

Departments are required to consult with Procurement prior to making a financial commitment over $10,000. Orders that are over $10,000 require a competitive bid process. The competitive process involves procuring a minimum of 3 competitive quotes for the goods/service in question.

If you are planning a purchase over $10,000 contact us in Procurement as soon as you have finalized your need. The earlier we are involved in the process the better deals we can get you

In addition, these competitive quotes are required to be a sealed bid process. If over $100,000, the bids get posted onto the Washington Electronic Business Solution (WEBS) site for vendors to access and respond. Sealed bid process is only for $100,000 and over. 

If your good/service is not available via the Viking Market, you may need to create a contract. You can learn more about this procurement type on the Contracts page here.