Guest Travel

University Travel & COVID-19: please follow current CDC Travel Guidelines.

Guests are people who are traveling on Western business, where Western is paying for travel expenses only. 

For speakers/performers/etc. please see the Contractor/Performer/Speaker page.

For Guest Travel:

Please complete a Travel Authorization Form for non-employees prior to making any travel arrangements or purchases.

Arrange guest travel via the Concur Travel tab and Booking Tool or directly with Christopherson Business Travel Advisors: 

800-600-3737  | 

Use the department OneCard and reference the Travel Authorization eSign number when reconciling the transaction.

If you are reimbursing your guest for their travel expenses, use the paper Services Reimbursement Form and attach the approved Travel Authorization eSign number for payment.

*If you need copies of the Services/Reimbursement paper form, please contact Procurement at 360-650-3340.

Travel Related Account Codes