Supplies for Returning to Campus – Related to COVID-19

Over the past few months, many safety and cleaning products have been delayed or are unavailable through regular Vendors. Procurement is working hard to secure the supply of essential products using a centralized approach to ensure security of supply and control of price. 

Learn about all of the options available to you on our COVID Purchases for Campus - Supplies & PPE page here. 

The purchasing of furniture for Western has been greatly streamlined through the use of Western Marketplace and the assistance of an expert designer in Facilities available to you at no charge. Here are a few guidelines to help in the process:

For Standard Furniture Needs

(Seating, tables, sit-stand desks, file cabinets, side chairs, etc. using department budgets)

Log into the Western Marketplace and shop the furniture suppliers with whom we have preferential pricing, excellent warranty (10 yrs on most items), and delivery direct to your office location!

There are a range of options and price points to meet any budget needs. Delivery time for most items is 2-3 weeks. Placing your order directly through the Marketplace is a quick and efficient method of getting your order processed.

Viking Market furniture catalogs

Bellingham Local Work from Home Options

If you need work from home furniture due to COVID, check out the Blackburn Furniture products PDF below. Blackburn has a local showroom which is currently open, and maintains strict COVID safety protocols, so you can go in and they will help you find the perfect chair.

Need Western Marketplace Help?

Contact our Procurement Team direct at

Check Your Ergonomics

For inquiries on sampling and choosing the correct chair that will ergonomically fit your needs, please contact:

Bruce Boyer, Manager of Claims, EHS at or phone him at 360-650-2947.

Major Renovation or Remodel?

Furniture and office equipment for a major renovation or remodeling project must be coordinated with Capital Planning and Development and are generally funded under capital budget allocations. A Project Manager will have been assigned to these and you should coordinate with them on your furniture needs.

If you receive furniture that is not what you ordered or is damaged, please contact the Procurement Department as soon as possible with as much detail about the issue as possible (photos, incorrect model numbers, etc.) so that we can contact the supplier and arrange for the problem to be fixed.