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What is our Local Vendor Showcase?

We want you to get to know some of our amazing local vendors, as we do!

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Shane Grunhurd Standing Outside of New Blackburn Location
Office Furniture & Design

Blackburn Office Furniture & Design

Blackburn Office Furniture & Design is a 3rd generation family owned Bellingham business.  It got it started in the 1940’s selling machines and supplies. Working it’s way through the later half of the 20th century it was owned by Marv Grunhurd, then his son Randy Grunhurd and they transitioned into office furniture.  In 2019 Randy retired and his son Shane Grunhurd took over the family business.  Shane graduated from WWU in 2008 and started working full time at the furniture store out of college.  In it’s new location on Hannegan Blackburn offers a rare experience of personal customer care for everyone that walks through the door. Whether your after a single chair, or a building remodel of 50 cubicles they take the time you need to learn about their products. Blackburn offers a large variety of ergonomic furniture including chairs, desks, cubicles and accessories.

What we love about Blackburn

The try it before you buy it! Head over to their showroom on Hannegan Road to try out desks, chairs, and other office furnishings. Their expert team will help you find the most ergonomic and economic options for you.

In their own words:

At Blackburn ‘our job is helping you get your job done’.

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You can learn more about this company here: http://blkbrn.com/

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