Marketplace Recommended Products - Barriers

Please Note: Procurement is working hard to put together an acrylic/plexiglass barrier specific catalog with Laird Plastics, but in the meantime you can purchase sneeze guard barriers and large dividers by following the instructions below.

Safety Barriers - Sneeze Guards and Room Dividers

Below are recommended sneeze guard acrylic barriers, available through the Western Marketplace. Our vendors have a variety of options to choose from, so please follow the instructions below for how to search the Marketplace.

Vendors who carry Sneeze Guards

The following vendors carry products that we recommend purchasing for barriers for your return to campus needs.

For smaller options search "SNEEZE GUARD", and for larger dividers, search "STAND UP BARRIER" or "CLEAR ROOM DIVIDER", on each vendors site for a list of available options:


  • Staples

  • Office Depot

  • Grainger

  • Keeney's Office Supplies

  • Fisher Scientific

barriers on backorder or special order

The following vendors have barriers visible on the catalog but at last check they were backordered or on special order:

  • B&H Photo Video

Examples of Barriers Available

Self-Supported Barriers with Cutout

Self-Supported Barrier with Cutout

30" W x 28" H x 8" D

Portable Freestanding Acrylic Sneeze Guard with Document Pass-Through 

Freestanding Sneeze Guard

Freestanding Sneeze Guard Barrier

23.5" W x 29.5" H x 8" D

Acrylic Non-Tackable Portable Freestanding Sneeze Guard, Clear


Staples - Mobile Clear Divider

Staples - Mobile Clear Divider

Balt Essentials Mobile Clear Divider


71.1" W x 71.8" H x 21" D on Wheels

Grainger - Clear Room Partition Divider

Grainger - Clear Room Partition Divider

Clear room dividers come in a variety of sizes, from 24" x 24" to 6' x 10'.